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The Gift of Running: A Book for Runners and Future Runners

My first book, The Gift of Running, is available in both paperback & ebook

Paperback Version – Amazon.com   $9.00

Ebook Version – Kindle Store $2.99

I wrote this book for several reasons.  Many of the books on running are tough to read, a lot like technical manuals.  I wanted to offer something more personal, runner to runner.  Moreover, I wanted it to be easy to read for the inexperienced runner.  I think I have accomplished this with The Gift of Running .

Below is the official description.  A small excerpt is included at the bottom of this page.

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If you would like an autographed copy of the book, please email me at pmark67@gmail.com


The Gift of Running: a book for runners and future runners

by P Mark Taylor

Running is a gift, but not only for the gifted.  Whether you run just for fun or want to become a more competitive runner, The Gift of Running is for you. In The Gift of Running, P. Mark Taylor shows runners how to get started and stay motivated.

The book includes:  advice on how to get started as a runner, tried & true methods of running faster and longer, how to prepare for a marathon, tips on staying healthy & happy, motivation to keep you running, an insider view of the running community, & training programs for a 5K, 10K, half marathon, & marathon.

P. Mark Taylor is a runner & author of the blog at http://www.WiseRunning.com.

Publication Date:    Jul 20 2012
ISBN/EAN13:    0615668607 / 9780615668604
Page Count:    196
Binding Type:    US Trade Paper
Trim Size:    5.5″ x 8.5″
Language:    English
Color:    Black and White
Related Categories:    Sports & Recreation / Running & Jogging

How to read this book:   (an excerpt from the book)

“This book is not a technical manual.  I have intentionally tried to keep my explanations brief and simple.  I have avoided technical terms and explained what I mean whenever needed.  It does offer important research-based information, but it offers more than that.

The book is about:

  • the human side of running,
  • becoming a runner,
  • working to become a better runner,
  • & staying safe, sane, and happy as a runner. 

It moves back and forth between personal stories, quotes from runners, and advice on running.

Most of the subsections of the book could be read independently, but I encourage you to read it from front to back.  This is especially true for the inexperienced runners.  Read the whole thing first, then go enjoy the run!

This book is the culmination of years of running, studying, and life experiences.  Most of all it is about the love of running and my respect for runners.

This book is dedicated to all of those who share my passion for running & to all those who are trying running for the first time.”


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Wise Running Book COVER mockup

Why My Book on Running Is Now Only $2.99

I call this blog Wise Running, but wisdom usually comes through experience.  Experience involves making mistakes.  I have caught myself in the middle of a big mistake.  I broke the rule that I set before I started this blog and the process of writing books.  What rule did I break?   The one on a Post-It note stuck on the wall above my computer monitor:

I set out on this journey:

–  to promote fitness through running,

–  to help others learn how to enjoy running,

–  to encourage my fellow runners,

– and to help runners get stronger & faster.

I was doing a pretty good job staying focused on these goals.  I try to post informative and inspiring things on this blog.  I regularly post encouraging comments and inspirational quotes related to running and fitness on Facebook,  Twitter, and the Daily Mile.

My first book on running, The Gift of Running, is consistent with these goals as well.  It is about the joy of running, staying motivated, staying healthy, and getting faster.

Apparently, however, I forgot to look up at that note when I went to set the prices for The Gift of Running.  When I set the original prices, I looked at fair market value.  I examined the prices of other running books and tried to set a reasonable price.  That breaks the rule because the definition of reasonable in this case is means setting the highest price that seems reasonable and less expensive than most.  Not consistent with my note!

In hindsight, it is more consistent with my goals to get the book into as many hands as possible.  Instead of setting the highest justifiable price, I should have set it at the lowest reasonable price.  That is what I have now done.

The e-book was priced at $8.45.  Starting today, the price of the e-book version of The Gift of Running is only $2.99.

I have also lowered the price of the paperback version.  It had been priced at $14.95, but I have now set it at $9.00.

Both of these prices are as low as I can reasonably set them.  I hope this helps get the book into the hands of more runners, especially new and future runners.  That is why I wrote it.  That is why I have lowered the prices.  I wish I could go back in time and reset the price for those that have already purchased a copy, but I can’t.  My sincere apologies go out to those folks.  I am sorry.

But now I am back on track with my goals.  It is about sharing the gift of running.  It is about encouraging fitness through running.

Train hard, race easy, & enjoy the run!

P. Mark

Running for a Reason: The Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County

http://a2a.lockerz.com/menu/sm8.html#type=page&event=load&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwiserunning.com%2Fwp-admin%2Fpost-new.php&referrer=I have been looking for a way to make my running count.  Yes, it is good for my health.  Sometimes it is even a boost for my ego.  The question that I had was how to make it count for something much bigger than myself.  Something that really matters.

I have seen several of my running friends run specific races for national and international charities.  I have seen others in an ongoing effort to raise funds for a well-known charity.  The charity that I had in mind to support is not a huge one.  As a smaller charity, it gains less attention and less support than the charities you typically think about.  It serves children in one county in Tennessee.

I am now running & racing to raise awareness and needed funds for the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County. http://www.childadvocacycenter.net/

Why do I support such a small charity?

Because it has such a huge impact on the children that it serves.  Specifically, the Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County assists children who have been victims or witnesses to physical abuse, or sexual abuse, or other crimes.  They do this by providing an environment that is safe, private and confidential, as well as child centered and family friendly where children feel welcome and at ease to tell their story.  Their services are designed to promote healing and recovery.

I have personally toured the facilities, donated funds, and helped build a fence around the back yard so there would be a safe place for the kids to play.  I believe in what they do for kids.

Please consider making a donation today at:


Thank you & Happy Running!

Here is the the heart-felt message which is found on their web site at

When 6 year old Elizabeth was abused at the hands of a family member, it was the most traumatic experience of her young life. Thanks to the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) of Anderson County, she only had to relive it once. This young victim received help to heal and the family member responsible for her abuse is now being brought to justice. He will be held accountable and Elizabeth no longer lives in fear.

The Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County opened in July 2008 to help children like Elizabeth in the more than 1,000 reports of child abuse each year right here in Anderson County. In the first year, the CAC has served 236 children, getting them on the road to healing and recovery while working to end child abuse.

You see, the CAC is a child-friendly place where child victims of abuse are interviewed by a trained professional ONCE instead of recounting the abuse multiple times to personnel at the Department of Children Services, Law Enforcement, and the District Attorney’s office. This interviewer gently and neutrally obtains information from the child that allows the child to be helped and the abuser to be prosecuted.

In addition, the CAC provides services to local traumatized children that include diagnosis and treatment of injuries due to abuse, counseling services to help them work through the trauma in a healthy manner, and professional support and education to the non-offending family/caregivers.

The Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County staff have worked hard to accomplish this for local children.

Here’s what some of our families have to say about their experience at the CAC:

“The first time she was at the center, our daughter was at her worst point. After receiving services, she now sleeps without nightmares. It was a relief for her to talk about her experience in a safe setting. We are now bringing her little brother for therapy as well.”

“I’m glad that there is a place like this for my child.”

* “I am grateful for the free services.”

Prior to the CAC opening in July of 2008, Anderson County was one of only 3 judicial jurisdictions in Tennessee that did not have the services of a Child Advocacy Center. Children like Elizabeth did not routinely receive victim support and advocacy services.

Since the CAC has opened, every child who is entitled to victim support and advocacy services is able to come to one place to get their needs met.

With your help, we can continue to provide these much-needed services to the children in our community. Your gift will help a confused child heal from the trauma of abuse, and help prevent and fight child abuse for the children around you.

Please thoughtfully consider making a gift to support our efforts. Many children right here in Anderson County are depending on us.


David Clark, District Attorney Ceneral, 7th Judicial District & CAC Board Chair
Margaret Durgin, CAC Executive Director



“Train hard, race easy, & enjoy the run!”  — P. Mark Taylor



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