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Train smart, eat well, and enjoy the run.

Do Not Try This at Home, Kids: Experimental Training

I  base my recommendations to my readers, followers, and clients based on sound research.  The methods I include in my posts and in the training plans I design for people are tried and true.  If you stick with them, you improve.  I have found this to be true in my own running as well.  If it didn’t work for me, I do not recommend it to you.

My current training is not according to conventional wisdom or research.  I have hit a plateau, a sticking point.  I have come to a place where the same old routine is not have the same magical effect.  My body has been adapting to this same set of stimuli so long, that it has stopped responding.

That does not mean that these methods are not ideal.  They still are.  I need to get out of the same old rut, however.


When you reach a plateau, you must change your routine
until your body starts responding again.

After I get jump-started by this new routine, I will eventually be able to go back to the tried and true methods and see steady improvement again.   In the meanwhile, you will see some crazy workout habits that I do not recommend to 99% of runners.


In other words, as you look at the workouts I post online, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDS!

  • I will run less frequently, but with greater intensity.  
  • The speed-work I run on the track is going to be much faster and more intense than I would ever recommend to a client.
  • I will work harder on power through intense speed-work and additional weightlifting.
  • My long runs will still gradually increase as I prepare to run the Boston Marathon.  This remains the same.  There is no substitute.  The experimental side of the long runs for now is that my tempo runs will be embedded within those long runs each week.
  • I will replace my easy running days with cross-training on the bike and in the pool.

I intend to keep up this experimental schedule for a few months.  If it works well for me, I may begin to alternate seasons of this new routine with seasons of the old routine.  Anything that keeps me improving through honest hard work doing the exercise I love is a good thing.

I will let you know how the experiment is going.

Let me know if you have questions.

“Train smart, eat well, & enjoy the run!”

    — P. Mark Taylor


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