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Train smart, eat well, and enjoy the run.

My Philosophy on Product Endorsements & Reviews

I was recently contacted by an “advertising agent” that wanted me to commit to writing three blog posts about a product they would send me to try out.  I can certainly use the money they were offering, so I considered it for a few days.  I eventually decided that this was not in the best interest of me or my followers on the, Twitter, Facebook, &  Is this because the product was bad?  No.  I have no idea whether the product was helpful or hurtful.

meIn the past, I have allowed companies to send me their product for free as long as:

  • it was a product that I actually wanted to try for myself
  • and as long as I was not OBLIGATED to blog about it.

The first condition is there because I do not want to endorse a superfluous product.  I do not want to encourage people to buy something that they do not need.

The second condition is there because I refuse to lie or stretch the truth in any way.  If I do not like the product, I should not even mention it to my followers.

In the end, I decided that accepting the money from this offer would be inconsistent with my philosophy and possibly hurt my credibility.  My followers trust what I say to be accurate AND they trust that I believe what I say.  That is a scared trust which I have no intention of breaking.

So if you want to send me a product to try out and blog about it, then keep those conditions in mind.  I will try anything that I think will be helpful, but I will only blog about it if I think it is of value to me and my followers.

Thanks for understanding,
P. Mark Taylor


Train smart, eat well, and enjoy the run.


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