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Train smart, eat well, and enjoy the run.

Making Progress in the Half Marathon

I had a good morning.  I won the Masters level of the Secret City Half Marathon.  This has been a long hard road to get here since getting back into running in 2009.  I was barely able to finish that race.

  • 2009 Oak Ridge Half Marathon – 1:59:27
  • 2010 Secret City Half Marathon – 1:48:53  (same race, new course, new name)
  • 2011 Secret City Half Marathon – 1:33:31
  • 2012 Secret City Half Marathon – 1:28:41

What have I been doing to steadily make progress?

Everything I tell you on this blog.  I practice what I preach.  Consistent, persistent, and purposeful training.


Train hard. Race easy. Happy Running!


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